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Czech Republic for over 20 years

Based near Prague, we produce and install all types of floors, from industrial foors to floors for homes

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Top quality floors

Affordable costs - Expert workmanship

Durability, strength, easy maintenance, competitive pricing and excellent service.

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Types of floors and flooring

Epoxy and polyurethane floors

Ucrete polyurethane flooring, Cast epoxy floors, Antistatic floors, Natural stone carpet flooring, Vinyl and PVC floors.

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Floor systems experts Odefloor

The absolute goal of our company is to provide customers with top floor systems and industrial floors using materials from renowned foreign and domestic companies - BASF UCRETE, SPOLCHEMIE, STO, SIKA, REMMERS, PIEDRA.

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Odefloor floor systems

Odefloor produces and applies top floor systems. Industrial flooring, residential flooring, garage, storage halls, sports halls.

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Industrial Flooring

Ucrete Polyurethane floors, Epoxy flooring, Antistatic flooring, Natural stone carpet floors, Molded polyurethane and cast epoxy floors.

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Why use Odefloor floors ?

Why wouldn't you want to ? Durability, strength, easy maintenance, competitive pricing and excellent service, modern design, and 20+ years experience.

Choose floors and flooring for any purpose

Industrial hall flooring, Storage space flooring, Household flooring, Garage floors, Car repair services floors, Food industry production plant flooring, Chemical industry flooring, Electrotechnical industry floors, Cooling and freezing cabinets flooring, Operating theatres antistatic floors, Hospital flooring.

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Industrial floors


Anti-slip floors with silicate sands with thickness of 1 - 3 mm. They are used wherever high strength and abrasion resistance are required. These substrates exhibit very good physico-mechanical properties and chemical resistance. The resultant surface prevents the penetration of salts, oils and other impurities into the underlying concrete, thus significantly increasing its durability and longevity. Color according to customer's request according to RAL. Use: garages, halls, ramps, corridors, storage areas.

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Cast Epoxy Floors


Cast epoxy floors are used to create topless, seamless floors with a high quality, smooth (glossy or matt) surface. The material is hygienically safe, resistant to increased mechanical loads, petroleum products, acid solutions, salts and solvents. Thanks to virtually zero surface porosity, they are also very clean and maintainable. It is applied at a thickness of about 3 mm. Color according to customer's request.

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Molded polyurethane floors Mastertop


Polyurethane resins have been used in many industrial areas for over 60 years. The persuasive feature of polyurethane is the ability to meet individual requirements with adjustable properties such as curing, flexibility and resistance to aging, weathering, cracking and shrinkage. As a result, polyurethane flooring can be used almost everywhere.
Polyurethane floor coverings are used in liquid form and when once cured, they become inert and harmless. The Mastertop 1300 range of products manufactured by BASF has a variety of floor systems made of polyurethane resins. Their properties, such as flexibility and being sound-proof, can be customized.

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Antistatic Floors


Antistatic floors are epoxy screeds with a smooth or non-slip surface with a thickness of 2 - 4 mm. They are electrostatically conductive with an OHL resistor 104-106. Floors are applied in premises for computers, operating theaters, electrotechnical industry, clean rooms with sterile environments, explosive storehouses, etc. Antistatic floors are used to avoid adverse effects which occur wherever friction, separation, cutting, scraping or scrolling of materials takes place, so a conductive layer capable of delivering electrostatic charge from the surface is laid on a flat surface. Antistatic floor systems contain a large number of carbon fibers that have sufficient conductivity to meet the ignition / explosion protection requirements.

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Natural stone and marble carpet flooring


PIEDRA stone carpet is a practical cast floor from a mixture of fine natural pebbles and binders. It is a versatile final surface that applies to all types of outdoor and indoor surfaces and floors. The PIEDRA surface mix is ​​an original certified health-conscious product. Marble and stone carpet PIEDRA guarantees high strength, longevity and durability. The advantage is that the special binder supplied in the PIEDRA stone carpet is several times more solid than the concrete and therefore the PIEDRA surface is very strong and resistant to extreme loads even at lower surface thicknesses. Another undisputed advantage is that the surface is flawless and is simply shaped to the dimension of a particular area. There is no so-called pruning, which must be added to the purchase price of ordinary surfaces. At the same time, the substrate must not be aligned during execution. We offer PIEDRA stone carpet in more than 100 color variants and sizes of pebbles. There is no other so versatile finish on the market that can be applied so easily for both outdoor and indoor use.

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Ucrete Industrial Flooring


Ucrete is an extremely strong and durable material, specifically developed for industrial floors in the chemical and food industries Ucrete flooring is cost effective because it is long lasting, quick and practical to install and meets all the needs of modern processing industry.
Complete information about UCRETE industrial flooring.

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Laminate - floating floors


Laminate or 'floating' flooring simulates wood or sometimes stone, with a photographically applied layer under a transparent protective layer. The base core layer is composed of melamine resin and fiber board materials. Floating flooring does not need to be nailed or glued to the subfloor and hence the term floating floor refers mainly to the installation method. Floating flooring can be installed over any other tightly bonded flooring, making it ideal for refitting. In addition, laminate / floating flooring is available in many different colours and patterns, making it suitable for every home location.

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Vinyl / PVC floors


Vinyl is a common abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. [ Vynil is similar to Linoleum but the latter is made from a different oiled-linen chemical composition ] Vinyl flooring usually comes in large, flexible and continuous sheets and it is completely impermeable to water, and is extensively used because it is durable, resilient and insulating, easy to install, cheap and also available in a variety of appearances. As Vinyl or PVC flooring is resistant to moisture, it is hence often used in bathrooms and kithens, but also in the industry production sectors. For the residential sector, Vinyl cam mimick real wood boards and also with todays embossing techniques and infinite chouce of colours, patterns and improved embossing techniques, vinyl flooring has become very popular once again. Other advantages of vinyl floors include easy maintenance and low noise levels. The vinyl flooring has also gained its popularity by impressing both wood and stone or pavement. It is also suitable for installing efficient floor heating. It is also possible to replace only one piece after damage.

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Your-Own-Floor flooring system


Your-Own-Floor flooring system is any type of flooring that you could think of and within reason, rescources and inventiveness we can do it. Your-Own-Floor flooring system can just be your 'idea' of modifying, adding-to, morphing one of the industry-standard flooring systems. Your-Own-Floor flooring system can also be that you have no idea as to what type of flooring is adabtable to your home, to your workplace/place-of-business or to your production and storage halls... and you need some professional advice.

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    Industrial Floors and flooring

    Durable, last forever

  • project 2

    Cast epoxy floors

    Seamless, smooth, hygienically safe

  • project 3

    Molded polyurethane floors Mastertop

    Age resistant, don't crack nor shrink

  • project 4

    Antistatic Flooring

    Anti electro-static, non-slip, safe

  • project 5

    Natural stone & marble carpet flooring

    Versatile, resistant to extreme loads

  • project 6

    Ucrete Industrial Flooring

    Cost effective, long-lasting

  • project 7

    Laminate - floating floors

    Looks like wood/stone, great for revamping

  • project 8

    Vinyl / PVC floors

    Varied, flexible, affordable

  • project 9

    Your-Own-Floor flooring system

    Design your own floor

Floor systems for homes

We also produce and install beautiful indoor floors for homes and houses

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Cast Epoxy Floor

High quality

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Mastertop 1325

Beautiful finish

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Natural Stone Carpet

Longevity and durability
Resistant to extreme loads

Why choose Odefloor floor systems for your flooring ?

Competitive and affordable pricing.

20+ years experience and know-how.

Flexibility to custommers' requests.

Top flooring quality guaranteed.

Best materials used.

Our flooring expertise, flooring experience and floor know-how:

  • Experience - 100%

  • Expertise - 100%

  • Know-how - 100%

  • Dealing with customers - 200%

Floor Systems

Floors from ODEFLOOR have the following features:
flooring durability, floor strength, easy maintenance of floors.

We use renowned international and domestic companies' products: BASF Ucrete, SPOLCHEMIE, STO, SIKA, REMMERS, PIEDRA.

We offer:
Complex flooring services and floor systems and professional implementation of floors and flooring.

We have:
800 satisfied floor customers and 20 years of tradition in the flooring industry.

We guarantee a professional approach and attitude.

Epoxy resin floors:
Epoxy floors are made from epoxy resin and are hard, durable, and the preferred floor system choice for logistics centers, heavy duty industries and warehouses with heavy forklift traffic.
Floor systems using epoxy have a much longer lifespan than other floor types and epoxy flooring is resistant to oil, transmission fluid, gasoline, bleach, petrol, sulfuric acids and due to this, epoxy floors are also used in garages in the automotive industry and battery manufacturing..
Epoxy floors and resin flooring systems

Polyurethane resin Ucrete floors:
Ucrete floors are used by industries such as food processing, drinks processing, dairy, pharmaceutical & personal care, chemical & related industries, electronics & engineering, munitions manufacturing and transportation..
Ucrete floor systems

Natural stone carpet floors:
Stone carpets are used for flooring around summer houses, also inside these, swimming pool surrounds, as garden paths, on balconies, garage driveways, access ramps, inside your home, church flooring, tree pits, patios, conservatories, playgrounds, roof terraces..
Natural Stone Carpet flooring systems

Anti static floors:
Anti static floors are used in premises for computers, hospital operating theatres, the electrochemical industry, clean rooms with sterile environments, explosives and flammable materials storehouses.
Our anti static floor systems include a conductive laid flat surface layer capable of delivering and 'catching' electrostatic charges, and also contain a large number of carbon fibres that have sufficient conductivity to meet explosion avoidance requirements when needed. The antistatic floors we produce and apply dissipate and conduct ESD, and safeguard delicate electrical equipment and the environment from Electro Static Discharges. Odefloor antistatic floor systems offer high-performance anti static flooring which also provides superior chemical resistance and an anti-slip profile to meet all of the specialised needs associated with the electro-manufacturing and processing industries.
Anti Static flooring systems

Industrial halls:
Epoxy floors are the ideal solution for industrial halls for their high durability.

Storage spaces:
In storage spaces they are applied for their high durability and easy maintenance

A modern flooring solution for your entire house

Water resistant and oil-resistant floors.

Car repair services:
High resistance is welcome everywhere where emphasis is placed on high chemical resistance and strength of the floor.

Food industry:
Attestations for the food industry are a matter of course. Easy maintenance.

Chemical industry:
Our floor system Ucrete resists most of the chemical, high temperature and the highest load.

Electrotechnical industry:
Elecrtical discharges are easily avoided by antistatic floors.

Cooling and freezing cabinets:
Low and high temperatures are resisted without any problems.

Each industrial floor has its features, whether it's appearance, gloss, washability or possible load, so we will be happy to help you with the choice of industrial or interior flooring. As our company has been producing and implementing indoor floors for over 20 years, we can provide you with top-class services at a good price in this area.

Why choose floor systems by Odefloor ?

A better question would be " Why not use floor systems by Odefloor ? "

"Perfects client service, great advice, and the finished floor looks fantastic"

client 1 Radek T. - PragueRestaurant owner

"What we thought to be a very complex flooring issue was indeed very complex. Odefloor did a great job"

client 2 Boris H. - Beroun Home owner

"If you have a production hall of 2000 m2. it can be a headache to get a good floor done, especially in the food processing business. Odefloor was the right choice"

client 3 Alex D. - Prague Project manager

Your floor is our business. If it wasn't, we would be out of business ages ago.

Which flooring for what purpose

A few examples of the right floor for ...


  • Ucrete Floors - long

    lasting & seamless
  • Ucrete Floors
    HP/F DP IF MF RG UD200
  • Hygienic
  • Non Tainting
    Temp. resistant
Ucrete ... more ...


  • Strong &

  • Epoxy
    Resin Flooring
  • Durable
    Heavy Duty
  • Chemical
Epoxy Floors ...


Antistatic ... more

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